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Pre-Primary and Primary Blended Curriculum

Pre-Primary and Primary education is vital role for children to develop a lifelong love for learning. An age-appropriate progression in concepts along with various teaching methods such as worksheets, fine and gross motor activities, audiovisuals etc. ensure the engagement of all types of learners.

  • Curriculums feature a thematic approach
  • Development in physical, cognitive, emotional, social
  • Smart and Digital Curriculum
  • Quality End-to-End teaching Solutions
  • Examples from real-life situations.
  • 01
    Teacher Handbooks

    Teacher handbooks provide the daily plans to deliver lessons on various concepts and topics of various subjects.

  • 02
    Course Books

    Course books designed as per the National Curriculum Framework.

  • 03

    Worksheets for more practice to be attempted by the students independently, without any help from teacher or parents.

  • 04
    Digital Content

    Digital content includes Animated Videos, Audios and explanations of lessons.

  • 05
    Practice Tests

    Time to time will prepare test papers and send to school It helps teachers easy.

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